Symbolic Web Service Composition Testing


This is the web page of the end-to-end service composition testing tool chain. The theoretical basis of this tool is described in below.
In this page you can download the tool, read the documentation or watch a demo.

Testing Approach

Bentakouk, L.: Test symbolique de services Web composite. PhD thesis, UniversitÚ Paris Sud (2011).
Bentakouk, L., Poizat, P., Za´di, F.: A formal framework for service orchestration testing based on symbolic transition systems. In Nunez, M., Baker, P., Merayo, M.G., eds.: TestCom/FATES. Volume 5826 of LNCS., Springer (2009) 16-32.
Bentakouk, L., Poizat, P., Za´di, F.: Checking the behavioral conformance of web services with symbolic testing and an smt solver. In Gogolla, M., Wolff, B., eds.: TAP. Volume 6706 of LNCS., Springer (2011) 33-50.


The tool chain is composed of several Eclipse plug-ins, before the installation of the tool you should first to install:


To install the tool chain you need to:

  • Download the Tool plug-ins or use the update site to install the plugins via the install new software menu.

Screenshots & Demo

Some screenshots of the tool chain can be found here.

A demo is also available here.